Balance is a good thing, in life and in government

On Saturday night, Louis and I went to see Radiohead at TD Stadium (pictured). How is this relevant to my race, you might ask. Well... let me tell you...

I learned the hard way that balance in life is a good thing. That "balance" is not something that just "magically happens," but rather, is something you need to work at, consciously, with effort and determination. I learned that I need to keep reflecting on my personal and professional goals, that I have to strive for that sweet spot between public service and my everyday life.

Over the past year, I have focused on better managing my health, stress, diet, and lifestyle. I stopped drinking alcohol, and, by switching to a Keto way of life (low carb and sugar consumption, medium protein, and high good fats--following the FDA food guidelines will make you sick and fat), I've lost close to 60lbs.

As the political machine in America marches forward to consume too much of our daily lives, creating an imbalance between us and the state, I also made the decision to, yes, of course, work hard to earn your vote, but also to continue to do the things I love.

I love music. I love to garden. I love to write. I love to laugh. I love to cook--and dinner guests say I'm pretty good at it (you can find my foodie pics on Instagram under #freedomnomnom). I love watching documentary films. I love to paint, although I'm not very good at it (and that's OK). I love to read--currently a historical novel, Beautiful Exiles about Martha Gellhorn, a war correspondent, novelist, travel writer, and third wife of Ernest Hemingway. I've read most of Gellhorn's work, and she's the kind of ballsy, no-nonsense woman I admire (even though her political views don't jibe with mine--and that's OK too).

I believe politics is taking over too much of our lives--the Talking Heads on TV screaming at each other, trying to keep us divided and off balance, the social media storms, the surveillance, the pickpocketing of our hard earned money to fund programs that don't mesh with our values, that we don't want to personally support (but are FORCED to).

I believe this is because government is too big, too intrusive, and too nanny-ish. As your District 20 Senator, I will work to reduce these types of intrusions into our daily lives so that you are FREE to pursue your passions, FREE of the Nanny State, FREE to spend your hard earned money as YOU see fit.

Let's not continue to teeter into the abyss of socialism, but rather, I ask you to stick out your arms (by voting for me) so that I can work, just as I have in my own life, to restore the rightful balance between ourselves and our government.

If you would like me to come speak at an event--I’d love to meet you!--please email me at Carla (at) Carla4NHSenate (dot) com.

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