Calling Small Business Owners!

Small businesses like yours have been unnecessarily negatively affected over the past 6 months. Let’s put ourselves back in charge!  

My name is CARLA GERICKE and I am running for State Senate against Democrat Lou D’Allesandro (83), who has now served 11-terms in the NH Senate, meaning he has spent the past 22 years reducing your liberties and increasing your taxes.

It’s time for a fresh start!

Together, let’s restore the NH Advantage and return to our “open for business” roots. With YOUR support, I can win. Lou is the past. I am the future. Why wait?

  • In 2016, as a relatively unknown Republican, I received 40% in Goffstown and Manchester (3, 4, 10, 11).
  • In 2018, I ran as a Republican/Libertarian fusion candidate and got 42%, going UP two points even though District 20 swung 12-15% left in the “Blue Wave.”
  • In 2020, I CAN crush my opponent but YOU have to PICK me, CARLA GERICKE.

Learn more about CARLA GERICKE:

Hit the reply button with a “Hell Yes!” (OK, a simple “yes” will do, too :P) if you would like your name to appear on the forthcoming “Small Business Owners for Carla Gericke” page on my website.

Interested in supporting my candidacy? DONATE today and together, let’s Live Free and Thrive!

You can reach me at 603.865.7140 or with any questions and concerns.

I, CARLA GERICKE, ask for your vote as the Republican candidate on September 8th in the primary, and again on November 3rd.

Let’s end 2020 on a positive note… with CARLA GERICKE in the Senate! Thanks for your time!


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