Calling all Independents!

Are you tired of all this politics, politics, politics? Can’t wait for Election Day on November 6th to be over? Me too! :)

In order for me to win against my opponent, Lou D’Allesandro (80) who has spent the past 20 years in the senate restricting your liberties and raising your taxes, I need YOUR vote!

I’m a unique candidate: I filed for and am the Republican nominee for state Senate in District 20 (Manchester Wards 3, 4, 10, 11 and Goffstown). After a successful primary write-in campaign by Libertarian supporters, I will also appear on the ballot as the Libertarian candidate.

If you are a Republican-leaning independent voter, I ask for your vote on the Republican slate. Start at the top of the ticket with Governor Sununu, and vote all the way down the ballot--local candidates matter much more to your everyday life, so don't skip us! I am eager to work with Gov. Sununu on his priorities, including educational freedom for all children, regardless of income or zip code.

If you are an independent voter who doesn’t feel comfortable voting Republican, I ask for your vote in the Libertarian column. I am willing to work across the aisle on issues independent voters care about, including marijuana decriminalization/legalization (with a homegrown provision) and healthcare costs which can be brought down through market competition.

To all voters: I will never support a sales or income tax because #LFOD! Our low tax/low spending culture is exactly what makes New Hampshire better than everywhere else, and I will work to protect this advantage!

EIGHT Letters to the Editor have appeared in the Union Leader in support of my candidacy: from small business owners, health care professionals, single mothers, techies, and more. Only one appeared for my opponent.

Hard working taxpayers want a representative who will look after their interests. You want a senator who is not bought and paid for. You want a fresh, independent voice, someone who is highly qualified and an independent thinker. That’s me!

Running against an institution like Lou is a David against Goliath struggle. I’m sure you, like me, have received a gazillion mailers from him. You will only be getting one from me, because this is all I could afford, and like you, I have to live within my means.

To put things in context, compare our most recent campaign finance filings:

Raised: $407,721
Spent: $179,462
Reporting Date: October 31, 2018

Raised: $25,940
Spent: $9,174
Reporting Date: October 31, 2018

Money shouldn’t matter this much when we are trying to elect our local representatives, but it certainly buys a lot of misleading mail.

It’s incredibly hard to get your name out there on a limited budget, so please, tell a friend or family member in Manchester and Goffstown that there is a real choice for a fresh start on Tuesday.

I respectfully ask for YOUR vote on Nov. 6th. It's time to vote like your rights depend on it (because they do! And Lou didn't think you worthy of having a say at all!).

I, CARLA GERICKE, promise to serve with integrity, character, and compassion. Let’s get to work on building a better future for us all!


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