Carla Gericke: The only candidate to bring change to the state Senate

Today's Union Leader features my Op-Ed in which I discuss some of the issues that are important to me.

"As your senator, I will blaze a new trail to prosperity through free market principles with respect for individual and property rights, limited constitutional government, lower taxes, less regulation, and equal justice under the law. I will work to protect our state from growing federal overreach.

I believe in local control of education, lower energy costs, and affordable health care. The way we get this is by allowing more choice through market competition. When free marketeers warned that Obamacare would lead to significant price hikes, we were ignored. But we were right. More regulations and fewer choices are always bad for the economy."

Read more... The bottom line is we have an opportunity for real change in the state Senate. I won't let you down! I humbly ask for your vote next Tuesday, November 8th.


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