Will Joyce Craig have full public inquiry into deadly DEA debacle?

Catch my video asking Mayor Joyce Craig for a full, public inquiry into the deadly debacle at the Quality Inn last week.

Worried about the increasingly dangerous policing, lockdowns, and new police cameras being introduced without any public input? Join me at City Hall on Tuesday, April 9th at 5PM for a rally--1984 Is Not an Instruction Manual--to highlight these issues. You are also welcome to provide 3 minutes of public testimony at the Alderman meeting that starts at 6PM.

My LTE from today's Union Leader:

"Demand full inquiry

To the Editor: Last week, Manchester SWAT working with the DEA deployed chemical weapons on two twenty-something small-time drug users in a hotel near Exit 1, where they died. News articles already fail to mention this use of gas, so I can only assume the official narrative will attempt to 'memory hole' this damning detail.

Should we believe the official version? We have no way to vet the information provided because after the unlawful 2016 West Side Lockdown, the police 'solved' our concerns about transparency by secretly encrypting their scanners, destroying years of tradition, and leaving law-abiding citizens in the dark.

How do we know these LEOs are 'ones we can trust,' rather than ones on the blacked-out Laurie’s List of misconduct the AG is actively fighting to hide from us.

Why is the DEA operating in Manchester, expending meaningful resources on small time drug users (the dead 26 year old was out on bail for 0.4 grams of crack cocaine).

Was the public at large more or less safe during this debacle? Someone doing coke in a hotel room puts me at 0% danger…

Who pays when businesses on South Willow, like Starbucks, are closed down for hours?

Who pays for the unlawful displacement of hotel guest and nearby residents?

Who pays for the damage to our Queen City’s reputation, based on what sounds like an operation that went rogue and escalated unnecessarily?

Manchester residents all pay, but the buck must stop at Mayor Joyce Craig’s desk: Demand a full public inquiry.


Hooksett Road



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