Goffstown, I need your support!

I had the honor of sitting down with State Representative John A Burt last week to discuss my positions. You can watch the show HERE. Here's a breakdown, so feel free to skip to the parts you most care about:

2:26 - Why I am running
3:19 - Is Lou a "nice guy"?
5:13 - Government monopolies are bad
6:22 - A case for marijuana legalization
8:27 - Tax cuts and the beauty of the free market
12:59 - Commuter rail boondoggle
20:00 - School choice works
23:20 - Get out and vote on Tuesday, Nov. 8th
25:00 - My campaign ad
28:50 - John talks about who he is going to vote for

Please come out and vote on Tuesday, November 8th.


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