Granite Staters are feeling optimistic

Especially Republicans, but lots of Independents and Democrats, too. According to this recent BIA study, "optimism among Granite Staters about the NH economy is at an all-time high. More than two thirds anticipate good business conditions over the next 12 months. The portion of residents who consider themselves better off financially than a year ago is also at an all-time high." Which makes sense, since most tax payers have now seen the benefits of tax relief under President Trump.

The mainstream media can keep saying, "tax cuts for the wealthy," but YOU know whether you got to keep some of your hard earned money. And I bet you did!

I was gobsmacked when I read a Facebook post by a friend with whom I used to teach at City College in NYC. He was complaining about his tax cut, and the extra cash he had to spend per month, simply because it materialized under the Trump administration. Such partisanship is crazy-talk!

Policy makers should focus on pro-business initiatives, continue to cut business taxes and burdensome regulations. As your senator, I certainly will!


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