Happy (early) birthday, Sir!

I was honored to attend a birthday bash for former Manchester mayor, Ray Wieczorek, last night. It was my first time meeting this legendary Republican--what a charming gentleman!--and he wished me well on my campaign.

Louis and I also ran into Governor Sununu (pictured), whose donated raffle cookie raised $200--that's some cookie! Thanks to the donor for her support of Manchester GOP candidates like me.

If you have been following local news, you will know the Manchester Board of Alderman voted this week to bust the tax cap. This will mean higher property taxes for homeowners, and higher rents for renters.

It is imperative to vote for candidates across all levels of government who will watch your wallet. I will! I believe YOU best know how to spend your hard earned money. A vote for me is a vote for smaller government, lower taxes, and more freedom.

If you would like me to come speak at your event--I’d love to meet you!--please email me at Carla (at) Carla4NHSenate (dot) com.

Help me win! Donate today!

Follow my campaign on Facebook and Twitter.

Tell a friend or family member in District 20 (Goffstown, Manchester Wards 3, 4, 10 & 11). Word of mouth is a powerful tool!

A rising tide lifts all boats. Let’s do this for a better future for all! Thanks for your support!


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