I Won My Primary Now Let's Win the Senate (For Realsies!!!)

I won! Thank you to all my supporters and the organizations that endorsed me! Since I didn’t see my primary opponent, Jack Kenny, do anything, I was surprised at how close it was there for a hot second, but, in the end, I won 52% to 48%.

The photo pictured is the tally that was originally submitted from Ward 4 in District 20. A close observation might reveal that my votes weren't initially counted at all. Weird, huh?

Thanks to everyone who voted for me, stood at the polls for me, offered lawn sign locations, and more. Let’s do this!

Now on to the general against 11-term Lou D’Allesandro (83), who is the only Senator rated a “Constitutional Threat” by the NHLA. It’s time for a fresh voice with new ideas!

Read more about my positions at Manchester Ink Link.


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