ICYMI: New Video and Taxpayer Protection

Yesterday, I introduced a new series called “In Case You Missed It” featuring past Letters to the Editor, newspaper articles, supporter letters, etc. The goal of these short videos is to show voters of District 20 that I am engaged in local politics, understand the issues, and have a track record of sticking to my limited, Constitutional government principles.

In this video, I cover my recent Union Leader LTE that asks: How open is NH government? Hint: Not much. (Don’t shoot the messenger, instead, elect me to fix it!)

On Tuesday, I attended a meeting of Granite State Taxpayers at Murphy's in Bedford (pictured with former Supreme Court Justice Chuck Douglas, and Ray Chadwick of Granite State Taxpayers--go show this new Facebook page some lurv!).

It was fascinating to learn more about this Fall's proposed Constitutional amendment that will restore traditional taxpayer standing after it was stripped away by the courts. CACR 15 will appear on the ballot for YOU to vote on--YES!!!

Unlike the incumbent for District 20 who was one of only two senators who voted against CACR 15, I will be voting in favor of this Constitutional amendment. I hope you will too!

If you are looking for a senator who will protect YOUR wallet (and your rights), I'm your gal!

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