Is this the future you want?

The ink version of this Union Leader article has the headline: "Tense standoff ends peacefully."

Please study this photo from a street in Candia yesterday, and then ask yourself if this is the correct response to a woman who "clearly, based on our initial call she was distraught and in a tough emotional state."

Only in a police state would you expect to see this sort of over-aggressive, militarized response. This is a show of force, something we now see all too frequently, with military equipment, rifles at the ready, BEARCATS, SWAT teams, and dogs roaming our streets and neighborhoods.

Why could they not have sent a family member or a pastor to speak to this woman, who eventually did surrender without incident? I'll tell you why: Because they have all this weaponized military gear and they are being equipped and trained by the federal government to regard us all as the enemy. This is not policing, this is an occupation, and it is happening with alarming frequency right here in NH!

Please understand, this would not have been a "standoff" at all, had they not rolled in with a standing army.

You have a choice to make on November 8th about what the future of this great state will look like. A vote for me is a vote to reduce and roll back the militarization of our police, and to institute real community policing with true accountability and transparency. Please vote for me, for freedom and peace.


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