The best way to serve the greater good is, above all, to protect the smallest minority, the individual... YOU.

It's the economy, stupid*

*You are not stupid, but boy, the laws coming out of the legislature often are. The best way to stimulate the economy and to create jobs is for government to get out of the way. Lower taxes, freer markets, less regulation, and the right to work all lead to more prosperity.

Criminal justice reform

The War on Drugs is an abject failure, wasting trillions in taxpayers' dollars and resulting in the militarization of the police--yes, even here in NH! Just as alcohol prohibition did not work, it is time for new thinking on drug policy and criminal justice. Less incarceration, no policing for profit, more compassion through harm reduction policies, safer streets and neighborhoods. Let's end the overcriminalization of ourselves!

YOU choose

Whatever floats YOUR boat--education, school choice, parental rights, localism, gun rights, cryptocurrencies, the environment, free speech--the government should simply protect your constitutional rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. We should be repealing laws left, right and center, and not passing so many new ones. Smaller, limited, constitutional government FTW!

See-through governance

You have the right to know exactly what your representatives are up to. Government should be transparent and accountable to you. As your senator, I will disclose every vote I take, regardless of whether a roll call vote was recorded. As a member of Right-to-Know NH, I will also work to strengthen laws that expand government transparency, and reduce all those sneaky loopholes!

States' rights

Everyone seems grumpy about the current political climate. Are you? If so, I want you to know there is a very simple solution to many of your frustrations. Adhering to states' rights, and nullifying overreaching Federal laws. As your senator, I will focus on localized control, and always put New Hampshire and Granite Staters first.

Persuasion, not force

Every single law is backed by the barrel of a gun. Government is force--don't take my word for it, see what this fancy Yale law professor has to say--so the smaller the government, the more peaceful life is. Instead of using the state to pass laws about your pet projects, embrace the power of persuasion and pursue your passions privately. Rather than pushing new laws on everyone, use tools like social media to further your cause on a voluntary basis. If it's a great idea, people will adopt it. If it isn't, why force everyone else to comply with your will?


Many voters have called and asked about my position on abortion. I am personally pro-life; however I would not vote to criminalize what I believe is a difficult and personal decision. I do not support any taxpayer funding of abortions.

Pro-life to me also means I am antiwar (but pro-veteran!) and against the death penalty.


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