MPP weighs in on state Senate races

"...there are several races where the Republican Senate candidate has taken more favorable positions on marijuana policy than his or her Democratic opponent... Carla Gericke (R-Manchester), strongly supports legalization." ~ Marijuana Policy Project

I support legalization because the war on drugs does more harm than good, and hurts non-violent people for the personal choices they make. I subscribe to the notion that vices are not crimes. Don't like something? Don't do it, but don't force the weight of the state on your neighbors based on your views. In a free society, people can differ about how they lead their lives. I believe the government should stay out of your business as long as you are not harming someone else (or their property). I particularly disapprove of how the war on drugs has been used as an excuse to ramp up police militarization, increase SWAT raids, and normalize violations of our 4th Amendment rights against illegal searches and seizures.

Here's the start of the article from Matt Simon at the Marijuana Policy Project:

"New Hampshire’s general election is right around the corner, and at this point only one thing is clear: many voters don’t even know who is running for state Senate.

Most of the state’s political oxygen has been sucked up by the presidential race, the race for U.S. Senate, and, to a lesser extent, the race for governor. However, the contests most likely to impact the future of New Hampshire laws and policies may be the 24 state Senate races, and the candidates seeking these offices have received little media coverage this summer and fall.

State Senate races are especially important for supporters of marijuana policy reform, who have watched the upper chamber kill seven House-approved decriminalization bills dating back to 2008. Fortunately for voters who are eager to see New Hampshire bring its marijuana laws out of the Dark Ages, the Marijuana Policy Project has published a voter guide that features detailed information on Senate candidates’ positions.

Read more at The Patch.


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