My supporters RAWK! Get involved TODAY!

The time draws nigh with just a few weeks left to activate! There are lots of great ways to help out. Here are a few:

Volunteer to knock doors or hold signs. Complete this form and my volunteer coordinator, Rhonda Lambert, will be in touch.

Or, join us for a sign wave on Friday, October 14th, 6-7:30PM before the Monarch's game at SNHU Arena in downtown Manchester. RSVP here so I know how much pizza and beer to get for the after-party.

Good friends have put together a fun way to help my campaign! Buy raffle tickets anywhere you see William K, Bill D, or BuMps--if you don't know them yet, come to Murphy's Taproom for any of the next 3 Tuesdays from 5-9PM. The raffle tickets are $5 each, or 5 for $20, and the prizes solicited from the greater New Hampshire liberty community are totally off the hook. (Seriously, click the link, you can win a private plane ride!)

In addition to being entered into the drawing on November 8th, you can redeem the other side for virtual range time at Tactical Tuesdays which will be hosted in the backroom at Murphy's for the next three weeks. RSVP to today's Tactical Tuesdays here.

I've done the virtual range a few times now, and can tell you from personal experience, it is RAD! Whether you are new to shooting or an experienced marksman, this is an incredibly FUN way to spend a few hours. And you get to improve your skills to boot. Hope to see some new faces there today!


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