My wife needs your vote

The Union Leader ran my hubby's endorsement today.

To the Editor: My wife of 22 years, Carla Gericke, is running for the state Senate in Manchester and Goffstown. Carla is smart, funny, and, above all, principled. Also, she's a fabulous cook. She will be an asset in the Senate.

I'm not just saying this because I love her. Our country has lost its way. Once the shining beacon of Liberty, it is now in the clutches of corruption, suffers under socialist programs, and fears its own shadow.

Small wonder that it's been steadily falling in the rankings of economic freedom, number 17 now, and heading down. We are becoming poorer. 80 percent of us face poverty and unemployment.

Carla knows this trend can be reversed in New Hampshire. She wants to restore the balance in favor of personal responsibility, our local communities, and the freedom to create wealth. She has the courage, principles, and understanding needed to guide New Hampshire to a more prosperous future.

Carla's been a lawyer, worked at several Fortune 500 firms like Apple and Logitech, and managed non-profit organizations. She knows how to work with other people to get things done, in all kinds of environments. She'll get things done in the Senate, too.

Our choice is stark. Continue on the downward spiral by electing people with failed policies. Or, have the courage to admit failure, and blaze a new trail to prosperity. Away from this mess we're in. That's why I'm voting for Carla Gericke on Nov. 8, and hope you will, too.



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