Meeting voters at Old Home Day in Goffstown

Louis, Nellie, and I attended Old Home Day on Main Street in Goffstown earlier today, enjoying the sunny weather, interesting stands, and talking to voters.

"Hi, do you live in Goffstown or Manchester?" I would ask. Depending on their response, I'd then mention I was running for Senate in District 20 against Uncle Lou, hand them a business card, ask them to check out my website, and if they liked what they saw, to support me in November.

"Sounds great!"
"Republican? Of course I'm voting for you!"
"The reason I didn't vote for Hillary was..."
"Thank you for coming out to meet us!"

I met several Trump supporters, found a bunch of people wearing pro-2A merchandise like hats and tees, and lots of moms, dads, and kids enjoying a family day out.

I accidentally excitedly approached a guy in a "Freedom" hat, missing that it said "Freedom Cycles." He may not have been as into freedom as he was into cycling, I discovered, although he did take my card.

I was pleased to learn more about the newly planned Goffstown Dog Park, with the slogan "Happy Dogs, Happy Community." Love it! In keeping with my principles that people should freely support the projects they like (without being forced), I made a voluntary donation to the organization, got a cool "Proud Supporter" pin, and look forward to following future developments. Nellie was very grateful for the water dish on the sidewalk. Thanks!

I also picked up a Norwex Microfiber dusting mitt for chemical-free housecleaning. Interested to see how well it works.

All in all, a fun outing, and a great way to meet voters. I look forward to meeting more of you in the coming months to earn your vote. Let's do this!

If you would like me to come speak at an event--I’d love to meet you!--please email me at Carla (at) Carla4NHSenate (dot) com.

Join me at my monthly "Town Square" gatherings at Manchester City Hall on the first Tuesday of August, September and October from 5:30-7PM. Learn more and RSVP on Facebook.

Help me win! Donate today!

Follow my campaign on Facebook and Twitter.

Tell a friend or family member in District 20 (Goffstown, Manchester Wards 3, 4, 10 & 11). Word of mouth is a powerful tool!

Thanks for your support! Let’s build a better future for all Granite Staters.


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