Review of Clinton Cash

Clinton Cash, a documentary based on the New York Times bestselling book by Peter Schweizer, is now available [on Youtube.]((

This movie is a real eye-opener on how the Clintons have enriched themselves to the tune of millions of dollars by trading "speaking fees" for favors of national importance. To the tune of $126 million, to be precise.

According to this review by John Stossel, Schweizer said on his show the Clintons use "speaking fees" to get around bribery laws.

"If somebody gave a politician or family member money for a favor, that's breaking the law. But if you say it's a speaking fee, and you pay double or triple the normal rate, that seems to be legal."

Look, paying politicians to listen to them blather is nothing new. But, according to Schweizer, what looks suspicious is how much more Bill started getting paid after Hillary became secretary of state. His speaking fee increased from around $200,000 to as much as $750,000 per speech. He was even paid $750,000 by the same organization TWICE, for 20-minute speeches. As in $1.5 million dollars for 40 minutes of Bill's time. Good work if you can finagle it!

That's "evidence that people paying him expect to get something in return," says Schweizer. "She becomes appointed secretary of state, a friend of the president of Nigeria suddenly offers (Bill) $700,000 apiece for two speeches. An investment firm in Moscow that's tied to the Kremlin who had never paid for him to speak before suddenly gave him $500,000."

These are just two of the remarkable examples cited in Clinton Cash--there are too many to list here--but your jaw will drop when you see what these folks get in return.

Then there is the almost TWO BILLION dollars that has been funneled through The Clinton Foundation, now under investigation by the IRS. In a letter signed by 64 House Republicans, they described the Clinton Foundation as a “lawless ‘pay-to-play’ enterprise that has been operating under a cloak of philanthropy for years and should be investigated.” When you consider that only 10-15% of monies collected go to actual charity work to help needy people, this sounds about right.

The allegations in the movie are stunning, especially when strung together to give a cohesive view of events during Hillary's time at the state department.

This election, let us not be blinded by the notion that a woman smashing the glass ceiling is more important than ending up with someone in the White House who operates above the rule of law.

You need to make your own determination whether Hillary Clinton is fit to be president. This movie will help you decide.


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