Don't mess with our "no sales tax" status and don't make us do your dirty work, neither

In response to the recent Supreme Court decision South Dakota v. Wayfair which will force Granite State businesses to collect sales tax for other states, it is great to see Governor Sununu taking a strong stand.

In a press conference yesterday, he said:

"New Hampshire does not and will not ever impose a sales tax.”

Sununu outlined a plan designed to make collection of sales taxes from New Hampshire online retailers so cumbersome that other states simply won’t bother.

“With this proposal, we will send a message to every out-of-state taxing jurisdiction and authority. If you try to come into our state and force our businesses to collect a sales tax in a manner that violates our laws or the United States Constitution, you will be in for the fight of your life."

“Working together, we will do everything in our power to prevent other states from imposing arcane sales and use tax obligations on New Hampshire businesses.”

House Speaker Chandler also issued a press release stating:

"New Hampshire is very proud to have no sales tax. Our retail business community thrives as a result of our no sales tax environment. To ask our retailers to collect taxes for dozens of other states is a huge burden on them, and will likely jeopardize their ability to do business online with out-of-state customers. We are certainly disappointed in the Court’s decision, but we are more frustrated that NCSL has championed legislation in congress to force a remote sales tax, and cheered the recent court decision [South Dakota v. Wayfair]. I cannot in good conscience continue to associate with a group that unabashedly promotes a policy that I, and so many other Granite Staters, disagree with. Effective today, the New Hampshire House will no longer pay any dues or fees to NCSL or any other organization that
supports or promotes a national remote sales tax policy. It’s unconscionable that New Hampshire business will have to participate in fueling the growth of government in other states.”

Withdrawing from NCSL will save NH $135,000+ in annual fees. Extra points all round!


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