Sununu's "Strong Voice and Vote" to "Protect Our NH Advantage and STOP an Income Tax"

Imagine if, instead of the insane amount of vetoes Governor Sununu had to sign over the past two years, he instead had majorities in the House and Senate to help push through his pro-taxpayer, pro-business policies!

Governor Sununu needs YOUR help to put me in the Senate. He says:

"CARLA GERICKE will be a strong voice and vote in the State Senate to protect our NH Advantage and to stop an income tax." ~ Gov. Sununu

You know it to be true. You should also know that my 22-year incumbent opponent, Lou D'Allesandro (82) has now TWICE voted for an income tax. He is rated a "Constitutional Threat" by the NH Liberty Alliance. You cannot afford to give him another term!

Watch this video to understand why.

The time has come for new leadership!

I have 25+ years of real-world experience as an author, activist, and attorney. I have the skills and temperament to serve you well, and promise to serve with integrity, character, and compassion.

Help Governor Sununu by voting for me, CARLA GERICKE, on Nov. 3rd. Thank you!


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