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The final tally was 44.21% to 55.79%. This is the best showing in a decade of any Republican against the self-proclaimed “Lion of the Senate.”

Even though I lost to a now 12-term, eighty-two year old incumbent, I narrowed the gap by more than two points, which is impressive when considering how entrenched he is in Manchester, a Democrat stronghold. In Goffstown, it was so, so, so close, with me at 49.13%.

It is, of course, disappointing to have not prevailed, but I am proud of the race I ran. Our efforts will make me unstoppable soon. As a 3rd term State Representative recently said, “Carla, maybe you were sent from the future to lay the groundwork now to win later!?!”

I will continue to build name recognition. I will continue to build a bigger base. I will continue to unabashedly spread the message of liberty. I will continue to cheer on my fellow freedom fighters as they succeed: 94 New Hampshire Liberty Alliance endorsed candidates won their House seats, and 3 won in the NH Senate!

I will write more about what I learned this time, but you can read what I thought in 2018 in this essay, Stay Tuned for the High Notes. I am also currently accepting unlimited contributions to my “Live Free and Thrive!” campaign. Let’s rebuild the coffers so we are ready to go!

Until next time, thanks for YOUR help. Remember, this stronghold for freedom that we are building in New Hampshire is unique, historic, and worth fighting for!

Thank you for continuing to fight with me! Together, we can LIVE FREE AND THRIVE!

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