Your vote is crucial on Nov. 6, and the choice in District 20 is clear: Carla Gericke

Following is the script for my Manchester TV campaign ad:

Greetings Goffstown and Manchester Wards 3, 4, 10 and 11. My name is Carla Gericke, and I want to be your next state Senator in District 20.

It’s time for a change. It’s time for a fresh, independent voice with fresh ideas, including marijuana policy reform.

I am running against Lou D'Allesandro, who has spent the past TWENTY YEARS in the Senate raising your taxes. When I’m out door-knocking, there’s one thing I always hear, “Lou’s a nice guy, but I think it’s time for him to go.”

I agree. I have the energy, skills, ideas, and experience to serve you best.

I am a former lawyer and writer with more than 25 years of real-world experience. I finished high school when I was 16, and law school when I was 21. I immigrated from South Africa in the mid-Nineties, and I have been a US citizen since 2000.

I own a home in West Manchester with my husband of 24 years, Louis Calitz, and our rescued dog, Nervous Nellie. My hobbies include cooking, gardening, painting, photography, and, as a diplomat’s daughter, I love to travel. I also practice yoga and shooting.

I am running for Senate because more than a decade ago, I chose New Hampshire as my forever home. I love the Granite State, and want to preserve what makes us great!

We consistently rank as the best state to live, work, and play, because we choose to live within our means, because we know low taxes come from low spending, and because we have no sales or income tax.

I will work to stop the economically disastrous policies being foisted on us by out-of-state interests. Please know this, these policies WILL result in a sales and income tax--and they are supported by Lou!

Are YOU feeling frustrated with politics? Here’s a guess as to why: Government is too big, too involved in every aspect of our lives, and the stakes have gotten too high.

I believe government that governs least, governs best. I believe YOU know how best to spend your hard-earned money, and how to lead your own life.

Let’s restore balance to local politics by electing people like me, who understand markets not meddling lift people out of poverty and help working families prosper.

You can learn more about my positions at:, but one of my key issues is government transparency and accountability, and I will work to reverse the growing negative trend towards secrecy in our state government.

Your vote on November 6th is crucial to the future of our state.

A vote for me is a vote to restore the rightful balance between government and YOU. A vote for me is a vote for a prosperous future for all Granite Staters. A vote for me, Carla Gericke, is a vote for freedom and human dignity. I ask for your vote on November 6th. Thank you!


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