Walk the walk

If you are going to talk the talk, as I do, about private, free market and voluntary solutions to society's challenges, then you must walk the walk, too.

This past Sunday, I was delighted to join my fellow Manchester Republicans to participate in the Walk Against Hunger. We raised $1,300 for New Horizons of New Hampshire.

As we walked the 5K route on a humid day with the constant threat of rain lurking in the dark clouds on the horizon, we chatted about issues important to us--will our property taxes go up again?--we bonded with walkers from other groups, and enjoyed the camaraderie that comes from doing good together, as a group, for a good cause.

It reminded me of the untapped "people power" that exists in the Granite State, and how important it is to seek private solutions to problems.

Instead of always turning to the government to try to "fix things," we should be turn to each other to solve things on a local level through our own human action.

Taxes should be kept low to grant people the freedom to spend their own money on the things that are closest to their own hearts and values. Government, which is inherently violent in exercising its coercive force, should always be the last, not first, resort. If you have a pet project, get your community involved. Use social media tools to get your message out. Convince people through persuasion (voluntarism) instead of forcing people through taxation (statism).

Being able to voluntarily contribute to a cause I am passionate about through my own time and treasure, put a smile--and a tan--on my face this past Sunday. "Yellow dog," AKA "Nervous Nellie," had a blast, too!


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