Why I am voting for Carla Gericke

I'm not particularly sappy, but finding this Letter to the Editor in today's Union Leader brought tears to my eyes.

"I was in an accident and became paralyzed a few years ago and Carla, in keeping with her beliefs, gave me a hand up instead of a hand out by helping to find a part-time job for me with an organization she volunteered with. This gave me a sense of purpose and helped me heal mentally while adjusting physically. When our schedules allow, Carla, Louis, their dog Nellie, and I still go for long outings on the West Side trails, where we all live.

I’m proud to have her as a neighbor and friend and urge you to get to know her too. She has an infectious smile and, with humility and intelligence, a willingness to talk about what interests you. Vote Carla Gericke for New Hampshire Senate."

Chris Lopez is a dear friend who went through a tragic accident when the deck on her house in Canterbury collapsed and she broke her back. With an incredible amount of hard work and dedication, and a spirit that just won't quit, she learned to adjust to her new life.

Thank you, Chris, for your kind words and your vote. Just so you know, YOU inspire me! Let's get out on the trail sometime soon! <3


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