"I'm a lifelong Republican, but I usually vote for your opponent, a Democrat"

May I ask you why? I understand Lou D'Allesandro used to be a Republican, but he switched parties to become a Democrat a long time ago. Lou usually votes Democratic party line, so he votes against the 1st Amendment, the 2nd Amendment, against school choice, against healthcare freedom, for higher energy costs, for higher taxes, etc.

In 2018, he voted against both the upcoming Constitutional amendments that will appear on the ballot on Nov. 6th, both which passed with bipartisan support in both chambers.

Question 1 has to do with restoring taxpayer standing, a 150+ year old NH tradition that was stripped in a court case in the last decade. Restoring taxpayer standing means we can once again sue to hold our government accountable to the people. He was one of two Senators (22-2) who voted against this, and it passed by a huge margin in the house (309-9). BTW, readers should vote YES on #1!

Question 2 has to do with protection of our private and personal information against government intrusion. D'Allesandro voted with Democratic Senators against this (15-9). Readers should vote YES! on #2, too!

If you are a lifelong Republican, why would you support someone who works against Republican principles, and makes Governor Sununu's job harder? I get that Lou is a "nice guy," but he has had a 20 year run, he is 80 years old, and surely it's time for him to enjoy his retirement with Pat?

I need Republicans to vote for me, a solid candidate with the energy, skills, and experience to implement policies that will actually improve the state of New Hampshire, and keep it awesome!

One last thing, if Republicans lose the Senate, expect a statewide sales and income tax in the next few years. If this happens, expect everything that makes New Hampshire exceptional to slowly erode and disappear.

There are some upcoming Senate races where it is likely that past "solidly Republican seats" will be lost, which means in District 20, we need to pick up this one--and it IS possible, as long as "lifetime Republicans" vote for the actual Republican candidate!

If you are a Republican who is in the "but I vote for Lou" camp, I hope you will reconsider your position and show you truly are a lifelong Republican by supporting the Republican nominee, me, Carla Gericke for State Senate.

I promise to serve with integrity, character and compassion, as stated in the Republican platform, which you can read here.


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